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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Most Amazing weapons of the World | The Most Amazing Weapon

The Most Amazing weapons

Violently Amazing & Uniq Real Weapons Ever Seen

Because you’re sick of your normal guns.

1. War Club (Tomahawk)

The Most Amazing Weapons

We’ll start off with a weapon from the distant past that makes us wonder how the British every colonized America, the tomahawk! Wait a minute, that doesn’t look like any tomahawk I’ve ever seen. In fact, it looks like the soul purpose of that is to slam a spike through your skull, seeing as how there is only one spike! Where did I find this weapon.

The Most Amazing Weapons

2. Brass Knuckle Knife

This brass knuckle knife, technically known as a trench knife was violently amazing for a reason. It was used in the most vicious spot in the most vicious war ever. The trenches in the First World War! Boy oh boy there is nothing that I would rather have with me in close quarters fighting for the sake of the world except for maybe a……
The Most Amazing Weapons

3. Brass Knuckle Gun

Apparently this weapon is so violently amazing that I could not even turn up any information about it other than multiple photographic evidence. It even looks like theres a switchblade at the end of it!!! If thats not a switchblade then it is clearly an arrow pointing to the nearest direction of the person you are supposed to kill.
The Most Amazing Weapons

4. Knife Gun

Ok now this is getting a little bit ridiculous. I take it you can just strap any combination of knifes, brass knuckles, and guns together and get an amazingly violent weapon. Ok that is definitely true, and the knife gun is no exception! Unlike the brass knuckle gun (which may or may not have a switchblade on it) this gun definitely has a huge knife on the end of it. You get the double pleasure of shooting someone when your gun is inside of them, which is also a plus.
The Most Amazing Weapons

5. Pancor Jackhammer

No, it is not some sort of a gun or knife strapped to a jackhammer, its just the most amazing shotgun ever designed. According to wikipedia the Pancor Corporation patented a 12 gauge automatic weapon. And its gas operated! I could not believe it but it seems that this is indeed quite a real gun, and that it can fire up to 10 rounds. Also of note, it was patented in 1987!! Its a miracle any of us made it through the 1980’s and into today so we could witness the power of….
The Most Amazing Weapons

6. Metal Storm

It is described as the Roman Candle of guns, because it uses a concept of stacked projectiles much like the most amazingly violent handheld fireworks in the world. Except instead of using fire to shoot fireballs at you it uses electricity to fire 1 million rounds a minute at you. It’s like bringing a brass knuckle knife to a brass knuckle gun fight.
The Most Amazing Weapons

Today we are featuring older creations, but amazing just the same - Star's weapons! Every one of these little beauties uses one or another piece in an unusual way. Take, for instance, the bat used in the sword above.
The Most Amazing Weapons

This axe makes good use of the Count Dooku lightsaber handle and the new Castle 2007 scythe.

The Most Amazing Weapons

These swords are among my favorite for their overall elegance of design.

Be sure to check out the entire gallery!

Some of the most beautiful and outrageous weapons from the most interesting medieval times. Think about it, maybe King Arthur or the famous and anonymous “Black Knight” used some of these absurd weapons.
The Most Amazing Weapons

The Flanged Mace

The Flanged Mace was a a great close combat weapon in Medieval times. It could smash through the toughest armor when wielded by a horse-mounted knight. As well as being powerful, these weapons were beautiful and extremely detailed as you can see in this picture, there are many engravings in it.
The Most Amazing Weapons

The Trebuchet

The Trebuchet was a siege weapon similar to the catapult. Though this had a different system to it that uses dropping counterweights. It could throw up to three-hundred and fifty pound objects at high speeds into enemy castles. Some times, the user would launch a diseased corpse into the enemies castle and hope it spread disease. This is similar to biological warfare.
The Most Amazing Weapons

The Finger Claws

Handy in close combat, the finger claws could cut someone up or pack a nasty punch. They were good if the wielder was unarmed with a sword such as archers who were only good for fighting long distances. These were a good back up.

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