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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some Comparisons

1. Girl and a Guitar: Both are pressed at the TOP
and PLAYED at the BOTTOM.
2. Girl and a Jet: A jet has a cock-pit and a Girl
has a Cock in the pit.
3. the SKY and the SKIRT. SKY : Covers whole of
universe SKIRT : Covers universal hole !
4. the SHIP and the GIRL. SHIP : Cuts through the water GIRL : Waters through the cut
5. GIRL in the church and the girl in the bath tub. Girl in the church will have soul full of hope Girl in bath tub will have hole full of soap
6. MEN's cricket and WOMEN's cricket MEN's cricket : There is a short leg between two long legs> WOMEN's cricket : There is a gully between two fine legs
7. the PHOTO and the GIRL PHOTO : Shot in the open and development is   done in the dark room GIRL : Shot in the dark room and development takes
place in open

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