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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sardar Stories

Sardar Dhakkan Singh is big hunter. Once he went to a zoo. At that time a
big tiger escaped from its cage. The zoo officials sent everyone out of the
zoo and closed the main gate. Now the tiger is inside the zoo but wandering
freely. Zoo people requested sardar to go inside and trap the tiger in a
cage. Scared but to avoid insult he went into the zoo in his jeep carrying
a big gun. While driving on one of the zoo's roads, he
> noticed that the tiger is  chasing him. Feeling scared he drove the jeep
fast but only to observe that the tiger is very near to the jeep. At that
time the road separated into ! two paths ahead, one to the left and other
to the right. Then cleverly Dhakaan put the left indicator on and turned
the jeep to the road on right. The tiger runs into the left path. With a
sigh of relief, he drove forward. After some time the roads meet and the
same situation arises again. once more the road divides into two and this
time our sardar is smart enough to put the right indicator on and turned to
left. This time the tiger goes into the road on right side. After some time
the roads meet again to our sardar's misfortune and the tiger starts to
chase him again. This time the road never divides and our sardar thought
the tiger would catch him. Then a brilliant idea struck his mind. He slows
down his jeep taking it to the left corner of the road. Then he held his
hand outside and a gives signal which is given for vehicles which want to
overtake. The tiger this time overtakes his jeep and runs forward.
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> >> > > MORAL: There are Sardar Communities in Tigers too.

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