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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sardar Joke

Subject: Fw: A typical Sardar

A sardar applied to a medical school needless to say he never made
you know why???? These are the answers he gave in the entrance test:

 Antibody -  against everyone
 Artery -  the study of fine paintings
 Bacteria -  back door to a cafeteria
 Benign       -  what you be after you be eight
 Bowel -  letters like a,e,i,o,u
 Caesarian Section - a district in Rome
 Cardiology -  advanced study of Poker playing
 Cat Scan -  searching for lost kitty
 Chronic -  neck of a crow
 Coma -  punctuation mark
 Cortisone -  area around local court
 Cyst -  short for sister
 Diagnosis -  person with slanted nose
 Dilate -  the late British Princess Diana
 Dislocation - in this place
 Duodenum -  couple in blue jeans
 Enema -  not a friend
 False Labor - pretending to work
 Genes -  blue denim
 Hernia -  she is close by
 Hymen -  greeting to several males
 Labor Pain -  hurt at work
 Lactose -  people without feet
 Lymph -  walk unsteadily
 Menopause -  I no wait
 Microbes -  small dressing gowns
 Obesity -  City of Obe
 Pacemaker -  winner of Nobel Peace Prize
 Protein -  in favor of teens
 Pulse -  grain
 Pus -  small cat
 Red Blood Count - Dracula
 Rupture -  Ecstasy
 Secretion -  hiding anything
 Subcutaneous - not cute enough
 Suture -  Gujrati for "what do you want"
 Tablet -  small table
 Tumor -  extra pair
 Ultrasound -  radical noise
 Urine -  opposite of you're out
 Varicose -  very close
 Vitreous Humor - both witty & funny.
Accumulate - Lie down in Vaccum
Breast - Bite it like a Feast
Carnivorous - Various People Dancing in Carnival
Fever - Forever
FAT - Fuck  And  Throw
Minerals - Many Rails on one Track
Pallette - Plate
Penis - Please insert Slowly
Penicillin - sharped pointed Pencil
RBC - Rush Before it gets Close
Water - Waiter
WBC - Wash Before interCourse
Vagina - Very aged boy friend of princess Dina
Vaccine - Wax flowing in
Virus - Place where there is a Lot of Rush

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