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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sardar Joke Solid Pjs for all my friends

sollllliiiddd one for all u pj fans!!

Sardar Santa Singh goes to a Udipi hotel to have something to eat. He
orders for Masala Dosa. The waiter promptly gets him the dish but is
surprised to see that Santa eats only the masala leaving the dosa
behind. Santa then orders for 1 plate Samosa. Again this time the
waiter notices that Santa eats only the filling and not the shell.
Waiter is very curious. Santa next orders for Batata Vada. This time
around also Santa eats only the filling and leaves the shell behind.
Waiter is losing his patience and walking upto Santa asks him,
"Sardarji, aap dish ke under ka hi cheez kyon khaa rahe ho, kya baki
cheez pasand nahi aaya..?" Santa Singh says, "Arre bhaiyya, aisi baat
nahi. Hamaari tabiyat kuch teekh nahi isliye doctor ne kaha ki baahar
ka cheez mat khaya karo..."

Mr. Jaswant singh went to a grocery stores collected the grocery and came to
the counter and person at the counter started preparing bill for the items.
Singh asked " Where is the fat ?" The person didn't understand what Singh
was saying and said "Excuse me sir, FAT???" Sardar : "Yes Fat, Give me the
fat" Sardar started shouting and arguing with the person and all people
gathered and Manager of that grocery stores came there and asked Sardar
about the problem. Then sardar said "Hey Manager look, I took a yogurt from
your stores and it was written 'FAT FREE' on that but this guy is not giving
me the fat.

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