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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aisi Apni Wife Ho.........

              > > a while b4 start running in the race of life.....
              > >
              > > >AISI APNI WIFE HO !!!
              > >
              > > >5 feet 6 jiski height ho,
              > > >Jeans jiski tight ho,
              > > >Chehra jiska bright ho,
              > > >Umar 18 se 22 ho,
              > > >Aisi apni wife ho�
              > >
              > > >Sadak par sab kahe �kya cute ho� !!!
              > > >Bhid mey sab kahe �side ho, side ho� !!!
              > > >Bombai, Delhi ya Ahmedabad ki paidaish ho,
              > > >Saas ki seva jiski khwaish ho,
              > > >Aisi apni wife ho�
              > >
              > > >Padosi jab baat kare, haath mey knife ho,
              > > >Dinner time pe candle light ho,
              > > >Hum mey tum mey kabhi na fight ho,
              > > >Milaney ke baad dil delight ho,
              > > >Yeh kavita padhne ke baad log kahen,
              > > >�Chikney, tum hi right ho !!!�,
              > > >Aisi apni wife ho�
              > >
              > > >Kaash yeh concept 0.0001 percent bhi right ho,
              > > >Agar apni aisi wife ho,
              > > >To kya haseen life ho,
              > > >Har kisi ki yahi farmaish ho,
              > > >Kudrat ki bhi yahi aajmaish ho,
              > > >Khudah ke software mein bhi kabhi bug ki gunjaish ho,
              > > >Aye kaash, kahin to ek aisi paidaish ho !!!!
              > >

              ***********READ THIS CAREFULLY**************

              A letter from a software professional to his heartthrob Baby,

              I�ve seen you yesterday while surfing on a local rain platform & realized that you
              are the only site I was browsing for. For a long time, I�ve been lonely, trying to
              find a bug in my life & you can be a real
              debugger for me now.
              My life is just an uncompiled program without you which never produces an
              executable code & hence is useless. Your smile is so delightful which
              encourages me & gives me power equal to thousands of mainframes processing
              When you looked at me last evening, I felt like all my program modules are
              running smoothly & giving expected results./*Which I never experienced before
                 With this letter, I just want to convey you that if we linked together, I�ll
              provide you all objects & libraries necessary for human beings to live an error
              free life. Also don�t bother about firewalls which may be created by our parents
              as I�ve strong hacking capabilities by which I�ll ultimately break their security
              passwords & make them agree for our marriage.
              I anticipate that nobody is already logged in to your database so that my
              connect script will fail. And it�s all certain that if this happened to me,
I�ll crash
              my system beyond recovery
              kindly interprete this letter properly & grant me all privileges of your server.

              Only yours
              software programmer


              >A collegian was deeply in love with a pretty girl�

              >But he did not have the courage to talk to her in person so he decided
              to go alone & with the help of a dictionary, he wrote a letter of proposal
              to her. He wrote�

              Most worthy of your estimations after a long consideration & much
              meditation, I�ve strong indication to become your relation. As to my
              education qualification, it is no exaggeration or fabrication that I�ve
              passed my matriculation examination ; no doubt without any hesitation &
              very little preparation. What do you say to solemnization of our marriage
              celebration civilization according to the glorification of modern
              civilization & with a view to the expansion of the population of present
              generation. On your approbation of the application, I shall make
              preparation to improve my situation, and if such obligation is worth of any
              consideration it will be our argumentation of the joy & exaltation of our
              joint dissimilation.

              Thanking you in anticipation & with devotion,
              To remain victim of your fascination.

              **********SHE WROTE BACK :

              > > >Dear Mr.victim of my fascination,
              > > >Congratulations for your lengthy narration of course full of affection
              >aimed at an affiliation for a combination which on examination, I find is a
              >fine presentation of your ambition. You have passed your matriculation with
              >little preparation, what about my graduation after a long botheration ? So
              >improve situations in education & make an application by acquisition of
              >post graduation & minimum qualification for the convocation & before taking
              >your photo for circulation & before taking your photo for circulation
              >undergo beautification. Further strict observation of the following
              >condition is the regulation for the determination of our relation.
              > > >
              (1)    Consultation of my parents before approaching my connection.

              > > >(2)    Communication of your confirmation that you are not a victim of any
              >other fascinations.

              > > >(3)    Procreation must not be your recreation
              > > >
              > > >In anticipation of a solid action instead of continuation of paper
              > > >
              > > >I remain,
              > > >Unaffected by your affections.
              > >
              > >

              FUNNY LINES OK THEN BYE......

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